Saturday, July 22, 2006

h is for ...



horribly sweaty.

i forgot what the east coast is like in the summer. it's all heat and humidity, until you have a big thunderstorm that does something about the heat and the humidity for a brief while (during that brief while you can't really go outside and play because it's raining, thundering, and lightening). but only a brief while, then the h & h start to build up again and then the whole cycle starts again.

in the midst of all this heat and humidity, thunder and lightening, i attempted to work on the wedding blanket.

c is for CRAZY.

i managed about three rows before my legs were so sweaty from the weight of the blanket on them that i was worried i would leave permanent sweat stains on my poor little (seriously belated) wedding blanket.

g is for gross.


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