Friday, June 23, 2006

m is for moving

i have no knitting progress to post because i had to mail all my knitting to the other side of the country. i'm about 8 days away from my SF departure (tears, wails, many other sad expressions) and realized, perhaps somewhat belatedly, that my yarn collection had far surpassed an amount that would fit neatly into a carry-on. so i packed it up. after vacuum packing it in ziplock bags, i managed to fit all of it (and most of my on-going projects, so think lots of happy thoughts about the usps' ability to get it to CT safely) in two medium size boxes. YES!

so now i'm knitting-less. well, that's not entirely true. i forgot to pack rogue, so i still have that to work on.


that's funny. as if in my completely, utterly stress/freaked out/sad/emotional state, the thing i need to be working on is the most complicated pattern ever created. needless, i've hidden rogue in a drawer so the very sight of it won't stress me out even more.

in other moving news, i think i'm selling my car this afternoon. i'm actually 99.9% positive that i'm selling my car. and while i'm excited to have the extra cash influx, and while i know that selling my car was the right thing to do, i'm still feeling very, very sad about it. i've had my car for 11 years, since i was 16. it is the first, and only, car i have driven. i know it's just a car, and that i am probably being way overly emotional about it, but i kind of feel like - and this is so cheesy that i can't even believe i'm going to write - that that car has taken me on a journey from teenagehood to adulthood (feel free to laugh hysterically at me).

but, since i will no longer be driving, the car is going to buy me some drinks this evening to make me feel better.


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