Tuesday, May 30, 2006

the silence is deafening

so i thought maybe a little hiatus from my blogging duties would encourage some of my erstwhile co-bloggers to post about what they've been up to. and then i got busy. and then i got lazy. and then i realized that i really haven't been knitting lately. and then i got busy again. so all of a sudden my little hiatus turned into a big, ole long hiatus. whoopsie.

but here i am! i still don't really have any knitting progress to talk about. i have been knitting on the wedding blanket off and on. and a little bit on my sock. (which is so, so, so tiny that i think i might need to turn it into a wristwarmer and start all over again. but the thought of starting over is really depressing, and i can't bear to make that decision quite yet. so i just keep knitting. which means the teeniest sock ever just keeps getting longer, which means that pretty soon it will be suitable for neither a sock nor a wristwarmer. oh, the curse of indecisiveness!)

so what, you may ask, have i been doing with myself? well.

i ran a half-marathon in vancouver with my friends matt and ccd. there were many parts of this weekend that were fabulously, amazingly fun. we spent two nights in seattle hanging out with various friends and had ourselves a crazy (though not particularly restful) time. that was fun. we drove from seattle to vancouver which was fun in a "i'm laughing hysterically because i'm delirious from lack of sleep way."* then the fun kind of stopped for awhile. the reason is stopped is because we actually had to run the half-marathon that was the whole reason for our trip. that's not all that much fun regardless of the circumstances, but the fact that this particular not-fun half-marathon occurred in a period of 40 degree weather and pouring rain (and occurred with a set of race organizers who forgot to deliver the water for a majority of the water stops on the course) made it even less fun. but we all made it through, with good times no less! then we started having fun again for awhile. we had yummy brunch where i was able to get bacon despite a last minute panic attack that i would order bacon thinking i was getting bacon and would instead receive canadian bacon. then we set off to peruse the city, on foot, thinking that we would be stretching out our tired legs to good effect. a couple of beers and a horrible restaurant recommendation later, we had walked not 1, not 2, but 9 miles across the city of vancouver. there was whimpering involved. that was not so much fun. but we made it back to the hotel, and eventually back to san francisco, in one piece, if a wee bit sore.

hmm. that really only took a weekend though. what else have i been doing? ooh, ooh! i published my first freelance article (actually, my first article ever). check it out. and i started work on my second freelance article. also exciting.

i've also been working (in a half-hearted kind of way) and getting ready to move (also extremely half-heartedly) but those bits aren't nearly as exciting (although they've probably taken up more of my time than anything else).

anyway, that's really all that i've got. i'll end by promising to blog more frequently and maybe to do some knitting.

*I would like to note that the drive was probably more fun for ccd and me than it was for matt. matt got forced into the driver's seat of our rental car because i didn't realize that my license had been expired for over a month until i got to seattle and because ccd is maybe the worst driver ever and would have killed us before we got out of the state of washington. actually, she maybe would have killed us before we got out of the seattle metropolitan area. no offense, ceecer. you're a wonderful person, just a terrible driver.


Blogger superbon said...

No excuses for superbon not blogging! Have been having great fun training for the Lake Placid Half Marathon coming up in 2 weeks. Spent 2 weeks in California with MC Crochet T in mid MAy she returned the visit to the East. HAve been doing tons of knitting-really need to post some photos. Am seriously considering purchasing a spinning wheel. Am also training for the Avon 2 Day in San francisco-oh, and then I go to work everyday!

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