Monday, April 03, 2006

moving on up

i'm realizing that my last post may have been just ever-so-slightly depressing.


i mean, i was a smidge depressed when i wrote it. but since then, things have really started to look up for ole c-dawg:

1. i finished my global warming article

2. i'm beginning to realize that the guy i spent part of wednesday (fine. most of wednesday. details, people, details.) shedding tears over really isn't worth my time anyway

3. i finished the front of the skinny sweater

4. i turned 27 (i'm not sure if this is officially a "looking up" event but i'm really trying to view getting older through a glass-half-full lens)

5. I GOT IN TO COLUMBIA JOURNALISM SCHOOL (this is the bit that i'm super duper excited about)

6. the woman i wrote the global warming article for emailed me back and said it was very well done and she just has a few small edits for me

7. because of item #6, it looks like i am very, very close to having my very, very first piece of writing published. in print. for real. (okay, okay ... it's not technically in print because it's just on-line. but i bet can get a print copy for anyone who wants one (it's called pressing the print button on my browser). don't all clamor at once)

8. i had a wonderful, fabulous birthday party with my wonderful, fabulous friends who i am going to miss dreadfully when i move to new york (i have to keep saying that i'm moving to new york so it starts to sound more real)

9. maggie gave me a ball winder

10. i'm going to new york this coming weekend, and i'll get to see my fam

so there. yay life!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sounds MUCH better!!!

8:41 AM  
Blogger KackieC said...

Hey, that's kind of a nice reversal of fortune there. Congrats on journalism school. Sorry about the boy though. I'm going through the same sort of boy issues myself. God they suck. I highly recommend St. John's Wort and wine. The St. John's Wort takes a couple of weeks to work, but it wraps up the pity party pretty quick once it kicks in. The wine is just for when you can't wait two weeks to finish. A nice side benefit of the St. John's Wort is it pretty much kills your appetite so you dont feel like doing any "drown my sorrows in Twinkies" type activities.

10:37 PM  

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