Wednesday, March 08, 2006

That's me and my mom. It's her birthday today and she may want to kill me for posting a photo of her in her pajamas but I like it and everyone needs a little embarrassment on their birthday, right? So there she is.
My mom is great for alot of things - I have decided to list a couple (there's a knitting theme, here).

1. I can call her pretty much any time of the day with a knitting question and she has the answer. And if she doesn't have the answer she responds with "well, it just doesn't matter" or "why not just knit something else?". Both good answers.

2. Once I called her from a knitting shop in need of a pattern for a cardigan. I had my computer and a nearby coffee shop with wireless. What'd she do? Scan the pattern and email it to me so I could buy the yarn - RIGHT THEN AND THERE. She understands.

3. She has given me support by telling me over and over that socks aren't that hard and that it's easy to turn a heel.

4. She waited patiently when I started getting back into knitting. I started off by crocheting, she mentioned a couple of times how much better knitting was but calmly waited until I made the realization.

5. She is willing to pick up unfinished sweaters from 1983 and finish them.

6. She keeps unfinished sweaters for 23 years.

7. She taught me the importance of a stash. That's what I learned on - her leftover yarn that I would knit into squares of garter stitch. Along with a stash she also taught me the importance of attics and closets...the perfect homes for the stash.

8. She is always willing to push herself and learn new things..Latvian Mittens? No problem. Vintage Socks? No big deal. Last year she had a ten year old computer and no camera. Now? She blogs her digital photos onto her computer over wireless. Did I mention the marathon?

9. Her clicking needles really are the sound that we all find calming.

10. She's my mom.

Happy Birthday SuperBon!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Maggie -

What a very special blog you wrote today. You two seem to have such a wonderful relationship. Please wish her happy birthday from me.

I have always liked March 8th - it was my grandmother's birthday. She would have been 120 years old today. I made a strawberry shortcake in honor of her and shared it with my aunt.

Hope the move has gone well.

Hope to see a picture of you wearing your cabled masterpiece.

Take care, Chris/Charis' mom

7:11 PM  
Blogger c-dawg-knit said...

happy birthday superbon!!!!

6:18 PM  

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