Sunday, March 12, 2006

rainy sunday

i don't know how many of you compulsively check the weather - or how many of you are in the bay area, and are therefore experiencing the same weather as i am. but the weather in san francisco is MISERABLE right now. i know that i've become a little bit of a weather wimp in the five years that i've lived out here. once i was able to endure new england winters with barely a whimper. now the temperature drops below 50, and i run for hat, scarf, gloves, and winter jacket.

all that aside ... it is officially freezing here. okay, okay maybe not officially freezing, but it's pretty damn cold. in fact, there was snow just north of the golden gate bridge on friday. yes, that's right: snow. um, i live in california for a reason. actually, i live here for a lot reasons, but one of them is definitely to avoid snow.

you'd think with all this cold weather, i'd be wrapping myself in wool and knitting like a maniac, right? well, there again, we have a little bit of a problem. i'm currently working on my first-ever piece of freelance writing ... and i'm starting to feel a wee bit overwhelmed. in over my head, maybe? like i have no freaking clue what i'm doing and i have no idea why my friend amanda thought she should take a chance on me?

so instead of knitting, i've been immersing myself in background reading on global warming and climate change and all the horrible things we people do to the environment and the lack of good things that the government is doing to correct for all the previously mentioned bad things ... and as i'm reading all this (and attempting to write something about it), i look out the window at the horrible weather and i read about the snow, SNOW, in california and i hear that it's practically balmy back on the east coast ... and it all slowly comes together (not the article, mind you, just the global warming bits).


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