Wednesday, March 22, 2006

can i have a "P"?

that "P" would be for procrastination, something i am oh, so good at it.

currently, i am procrastinating from:

1. writing my global warming article

2. dealing with the chunky booties

3. answering work emails that i should have answered before i left work

4. doing the dishes (i have a serious hatred for dirty dishes. i mean, i generate plenty of 'em. but i hate hate hate making them clean again.)

so in the spirit of aiding and abetting myself, i have some pictures from the hilarious italian dinner i told you about a few days ago:

ARGHH ... the pictures won't upload! they're apparently the wrong file extension or some such thing? even though they're .jpg just like all my other pictures! double argh!

well that certainly adds to the frustration of the day. in other frustrating news, i started carissa's booties for the fourth time ... and ripped them out. i've finally figured out the right number of stitches to cast on (24) and i have a vague sense of how i want to make them (bastardized sock pattern) ... but they keep turning out like crap. i'm doing the cuff in a 2x2 rib, and i keep getting the dreaded "ladder" in the transition between my knit and my purl stitches. why, why does this happen to me? it's driving me crazy.


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