Sunday, March 19, 2006

bungled booties

the weather in san francisco has finally turned a corner. the past two days have been gloriously sun-filled and almost even warm. three cheers for sunny weather! (i might be weirdly weather obsessed).

the past couple days have been hectic, hilarious and super fun. my friend moira flew into town from d.c. this past wednesday ... i haven't seen her in almost a year, since crunk 2005 (don't ask). unfortunately, i wasn't a huge amount of fun for her time in the city, since i was juggling work, an article, and an ever-growing stress level. but things started to turn around on friday when my other friend carissa (i mean, i have more than two friends ... but moira and carissa were the only two who feature prominently in the past few days) drove up from santa cruz. we went out and pretended to be irish (moira didn't have to pretend), had a few beers, saw another friend ... then on saturday, we drove down to santa cruz. even though santa cruz is only an hour plus away, it always feels like going on vacation when i go there. we had a totally fun time, cruised around downtown, i bought a pair of green vans that carissa and moira made me wear out of the store.

the hilarious part of the evening started at dinner ... i'm not sure exactly how to describe dinner except that it involved an italian restaurant run by a crazy owner/chef man who may or not be permanently on acid, a crazycrazy 15-woman bachelorette party, a crazycrazy 10-person italian exchange student party, a disco ball, three bottles of wine, lotsa pasta, side pony tails, and belting janis joplin at the top of our lungs using plastic forks as microphones.

the knitting part of the weekend involved attempting to make booties for carissa. she originally requested these about a week or so ago, with no instruction other than that they be teal. i was thinking felted wool. good thing i checked with carissa because she was thinking anything but.

we stopped at imagiknit before leaving the city on saturday and the first thing she said when we walked into the store was "i don't like wool."

well that certainly stopped me in my tracks. not liking wool? in carissa's defense, i don't think that she HATES hates wool ... she just wasn't thinking wool for her booties. so i readjusted, we moved over to the cotton/etc. room and carissa found a yarn she loves:

it's big baby by muench yarns. the colors are really pretty tealy, purply. it's really soft and seems fairly easy to knit with.

the problem, of course, is that the only patterns i've ever read for booties have been for felted booties. i mean, there must be a way to kind of smush these around so that they work for non-feltable microfiber acrylic, right? well, after three failed attempts last night, i'm feeling a little discouraged.

i'm trying to knit them in the round, using two circs, in a sort of abbreviated sock way. but the yarn is pretty chunky, and it just wasn't working for me. (my knitting also looked like crap, but that's a whole separate issue.). so i ripped out all three attempts. needless to say, i'm feeling a little frustrated. any suggestions?

ps - this might be the longest post ever. whoops.


Blogger superbon said...


One option is to just knit a pair of socks-using the needle size reccommended on the yarn. It looks chunky-love the color. I check out my patterns & see what I can fimd. How much yarn did you buy?

4:44 PM  
Blogger MC Crochet said...

hey mom -
remember those botties that you made me while i was in college - i think they were knit and they were also teal - do you still have that pattern??
those were comfy...

5:20 PM  
Blogger c-dawg-knit said...

it is real chunky. i have three balls - i think between 150-200 meters (which didn't seem like enough to me, but i explained what i was doing to the yarn shop woman and that's what she said to get).

my friend wants them really low - so i can do a sock, but not the part between the cuff and the heel? does that make sense?

8:49 AM  
Anonymous MKS said...

Your friend Moira sounds really cool.

8:06 AM  

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