Friday, February 10, 2006

you know the knitting olympics are getting out of hand when....

well feel free to come up with your own answer for that one.
my answer: The Knitting Olympics Drinking Game

C'mon Charis, you know that's going to be us around Day 7.
So with needles raised, we're off.
What have I done yet? Well, I finally bought the needles for Grace. And more cables needles because those things are so darn small that I already lost the first couple that I was using to swatch. This could be interesting folks...
I might take a nap to prepare for a late night of knitting.
How is everyone else doing?


Blogger c-dawg-knit said...

You think we'll last until Day 7? I'm predicting that's us by Day 3. How's grace going? i still need to buy needles for rogue. whoops.

10:18 AM  

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