Thursday, February 09, 2006

woefully behind

as february 10th looms large, i have to admit that i am woefully behind on ... well, on almost everything. i have not finished the following items:

1. the skinny sweater
2. my brother's scarf
3. the wedding blanket
4 & 5. cute baby brady's sweater (i gave that two numbers because it's barely even started.)

i did manage to finish one thing:

matt's hat (i'll post a picture later ... my digital camera is momentarily misplaced)

however, the recipient of my knitting largess has decided that he doesn't really like the hat all that much, he can't exactly put his finger on why, he just doesn't like it, thanks but no thanks, can i have another please?

well. i never. the INGRATITUDE.

however, given the other event looming large in my life - rogue & the knitting olympics - i might just have to accept being woefully behind for the next two weeks.

i'm apparently taking the same attitude towards rogue that i take towards many other competitive events in my life - don't train at all, it's all about forward progress, you'll finish it somehow. this has worked for three marathons. i have high hopes for rogue.


Blogger soCherry said...

Hey - up!

I'm with you at being woefully behind on ALL my WIPs - have decided to include it in my olympic challenge!

Picking folks at random from the ENORMOUS list of knitting olympians to say GOOD luck!!!


10:02 AM  

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