Thursday, February 16, 2006


so far, my plan to ignore the mis-twisted cables is working. i've even shown the fledgling sweater to two people, and they didn't notice a thing. (in the spirit of full disclosure, one of those people was my slightly drunk-at-the-time, non-knitting boy ex-roomie, and the other, while a knitter, is a very, very new knitter. details.) in addition to ignoring the glaring mistake, i've also made some good - and correct - progress on rogue. i'm on round 48ish (i could say for sure if i wasn't too lazy to get up out of bed and check ... in my defense, it's freaking freezing in san francisco right now and my house has no heat) out of a total of 88 for the body.

for awhile i was in love with my cables, but that love has been slowly morphing into a love-hate thing. my last knit stitch heading into each cable panel was getting super loose, and it was really bothering me, so i started doing this trick/technique where you bring your yarn up between the needles instead of down on your first purl stitch after a knit section. does that make any sense? it makes that switch a little tighter. so it's getting better, but there's a whole section that's a little wonky.

overall, i think i'm getting a little faster at the pattern. not necessarily fast enough to finish by the 26th, but faster.

in other, breaking news, the top question of the day is: where's maggie? maggie made a quick break from the gates at the beginning of the games but has been knitting on the down low for the past four days. she could be planning a sneak attack on the front of grace, or she could have gone cable-crazy and made an abrupt mid-olympics event switch to join the u.s. curling team. we'll be sure to keep you posted - whether it's with knitting or with curling, we're sure maggie will be gracefully triumphant in her dash for gold.


Blogger Knot Another Hat said...

Hey C - I will NOT tell anyone about your twisty-listy mishap. Speaking from experience, I think you absolutely made the right decision. Frogging through those cables is a nightmare, and picking up your cable stitiches: even worse. No one will ever know. And hey, atleast it's such a small thing you can get away with ignoring it. :) -Sarah

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