Friday, February 03, 2006

slow as molasses in january

finally, a day off! i know, i know - i'm a HUGE slacker for only working four days a week. but man, those four days felt looooooooong this week. being sick did not help the situation at all, especially since i couldn't call in sick to work because i sort of, accidentally, maybe called in sick the week prior when i wasn't exactly sick at all.

i realized that, in my speedy gonzales post earlier this week, i forgot to mention the biggest excitement of my whirlwind weekend in willytown. i saw superbon! i meant to call her for coffee, but then the whirlwindiness of everything just blew my plans away ... but she came and found me anyway! (those of you who haven't been to w-town will not understand how it could be that easy; those of you who have spent some time in w-town will understand that we probably would have seen each other even if we were actively trying to avoid it) sadly, i had left my knitting in the car, but superbon showed me the mittens pattern she's working on, and needless to say, i'm in awe. not just at the knitting, but by the fact that she is able to read the teeny, tiny, itsybitsy chart. anyway, it was great to see you, superbon! i can't wait until you're out to visit in april.

as i might have mentioned once or twice, i've been feeling a little sickly this week. i've also been dealing with houseguests who aren't mine. lucky for sick, cranky charis, maggie has been staying at a gorgeous, amazing place in marin and invited me up last night. we made irish beef stew (well, that was mostly maggie. i just drank the leftover guinness.), drank wine, and knit. trevor was there as well, and it is just absolutely amazing how much knitting talk the man can withstand without even batting an eye. he's a keeper, mags.

much progress was made on the skinny sweater. i have about 2 inches to go before i switch colors. i think. i mean, i have 2 inches to go if i'm making the front dark green part the same length as the back dark green part. but for some reasons the pattern tells me to make the front 3/4 of an inch shorter than the back. is there some advanced knitter reason for this of which i am unawares? the pattern is from a suss cousins book, and i've noticed a few, well, complaints about the accuracy of her patterns. so in the absence of any other direction, i'm going to assume the length difference is a mistake and knit the front the same as the back.


Blogger MC Crochet said...

CHARIS! you left your tape measure - sneaky little devil that it is - up in marin!!

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