Friday, February 17, 2006

scotch and golf

i am an incredibly loyal reader of the new yorker. it is my all-time favorite publication, i eagerly await its arrival each week, and i would lovelovelove to write for it one day.

occasionally, as a subscriber, i get invited to these "events." the invitations are always a little vague, and it's never really clear what the event actually is ... so i've never gotten around to going to one. on tuesday, however, i got an emailed invitation to a night of "humor on the course," an event co-sponsored by the new yorker and glenlivet. again, very vague, but i surmised that the evening had something to do with scotch and golf. (i'm very quick, you know, can't get anything by me) i immediately called my friend dan, one of the biggest fans of both scotch and golf that i know, and we decided to attend.

we had no idea what to expect. we certainly did not expect what we found:

a large empty warehouse space converted into on one half a men's club-style bar, replete with big comfy leather chairs and on the other half a nine-hole golf course (albeit a short golf course but there were sand traps and water hazards).

everything was free - the scotch, the golf, the shrimp (oh yes, they had food too). AND we got a gift bag from the new yorker that includes the latest issue and a book of golf cartoons from the new yorker.

it was amazing. we also made friends with the marketing woman, and she said we can back any night next week. genius.

needless, i haven't made much progress on rogue.


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