Thursday, February 16, 2006


charis - thanks for the shout out. i just WISH i was hiding away and knitting away on cables and racing secretly towards the finish line, just like picabo. steadfastly sticking to my training regime, getting enough sleep, eating the right diet, stretching and flexing the approproiate muscles and tendons involved in my event. instead of picabo - i'm acting more like bode miller, drinking a few glasses of wine every night, picking up the cables every once and a while and expecting a clean sweep when i just haven't trained. when i tire of cables, i put them down. hmm. this doesn't sound like a true olypmian.

and then when i DO get on a roll - i start swapping the C4B with a C4F.

BUT i have great plans for the coming weekend. in the spirit of past presidents (not current one) i hereby annouce that i will pick those needles back up, finish the back of this sweater and just keep.moving.forward....


Blogger c-dawg-knit said...

gooooooooooooooooo maggie!

11:51 AM  

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