Sunday, February 05, 2006

on the road again.

and i think i can wait to get on the road. as charis mentioned, i was staying up in marin county last week and up in sonoma couty this weekend and back down to san francisco this week. a week's worth of clothes are backed into one backpack and yarn enough for two sweaters, one hat and one scarf are backed into the other three bags. and did i mention my spinning wheel? and the wool? haa. not only does trevor have a great amount of understanding for knitting talk - he also doesn't question me (too much) for carrying eighteen bags of yarn around with me while we are waiting to make a fulltime move up to sonoma county.

in other news...i think my spinning is getting better. i mean it's still a bit thick here and thin here, but overall i'm getting more even.
pictures? i just wish i knew where my camera is during all the craziness - supposedly packed away in a box somewhere which i will find in three months. my size 8 dpns? oh, they're right here.

and in better news - i made a decision on the Grace color:

I chose color 4007. I know it doesn't mean much according to this picture...but more wonderful cables of this to come!
We'll have to get SuperBon to post soon - word on the street is that she might be hanging with the harlot sometime soon. SuperBon??
Oh yeah - Trevor (aka. Kid Mohair, his new street name) is thinking about joining the Olympics as well. He was wondering if he could crochet? Is that allowed? Or is that the equivalent of the Jamaican Bobsled Team?


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