Sunday, February 12, 2006

keeping on keeping on

we're coming to the end of day three out here on the west coast, and much progress has been made. some of this progress is good - i've made it through 24 rounds of the pattern, cables and all. i'm actually pretty pleased with how my cables are turning out. i don't know that they really deserve a 10.0, but for my first attempt, they're not half bad. see for yourself:

well, bugger. i feel like you can't see the cables at all in those pictures. so much for my digital photo abilities ... i'll try to figure it out tomorrow and will hopefully have better pics soon.

some progress has been ... less good. that would be the progress i'm making towards being a totally reclusive insane person. it was 70 degrees and sunny today in san francisco. did i take advantage of the weather? no, i did not. i sat on my couch, and knit, ALL DAY (which is a little embarassing to admit because based on the progress some other rogue knitters are making, i should probably be farther along than i am given the number of hours i put in today. sigh.). my roommate gave me some strange looks and made several comments about how nice it was outside. i just muttered something about cable 5 twist 3 backwards upside down and sideways. after that, he snuck out of the house and hasn't been seen since.

i was feeling a little guilty about sitting inside on such a day. i was trying to self-justify in various ways - i mean, i'm from connecticut, if i still lived there i wouldn't be able to leave the house! but then i realized what it really came down to and i said - out loud (see earlier comment about becoming reclusive and insane) - "real olympians make sacrifices. i can too."

oh charis.


Blogger superbon said...

Stay focused! I too stayed in all day & knit-but first I went for my 4 mile walk/run in the snow. I could get really use to this Olympic lifestyle-cozy armchair, roaring fire, wine-the only issue I'm having with my Men's Argyle is that I keep making "tiny" mistakes & YES I always have to go back & correct them. Attempted to post yesterday w/ photos but had some problems-I'll keep working on it.

3:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The sweater looks lovely even if the photos aren't perfect. What was the old Barcelona olympic motto - no pain, no gain. Keep up the great work. I love you. Love, MOM

9:03 AM  
Blogger Knot Another Hat said...

Way to go! It's smooth sailing now until the 36 plain, B O R I N G rows of back and forth on the upper back. Bleck. :) What are you working with? I'm doing plain 'ole Cascade 220 . . .

6:15 AM  

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