Saturday, February 25, 2006

facing facts

just like sasha cohen knew as soon as she landed on her tush that she was not going to be a gold medalist, i'm starting to face the fact that i will not finish rogue by the 2pm deadline tomorrow. i've made peace with this and will move to the sidelines gracefully to cheer on my fellow knitting olympians as they race for gold.

maybe four years from now, i'll get to be one of those human interest interludes: "charis flamed out early in the 2006 knitting olympics, after tackling a pattern beyond her normal degree of difficulty. but now in these 2010 games, she's back and ready to finish what she started four long years ago."

don't read too much into that last statement. even though i will not be finishing rogue by 2pm tomorrow, i do plan to finish it at some point before 2010 (like december 31, 2009).

on another, non-knitting topic, does anyone else think that dick button is the biggest jerk EVER? i mean, that's great, dicky, that you won a medal back in 1948. but does that really give you license to rip apart every skater that sets foot on the ice? last time i checked, these people were OLYMPIANS which means, even if they don't perform at their absolute best, they're still better than 99.5% of the population. at least scott hamilton is there to balance out the commentary. jeez.


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