Sunday, February 12, 2006

death to twisted stockinette

day two of the knitting olympics. day one for charis (because i'm the world's biggest slacker and just couldn't get around to doing anything on the official day one). what i've learned so far:

1. i hate twisted stockinette stitch
2. fighting with your yarn and your needles while attempting to execute twisted stockinette stitch over the course of several/many hours will make your hands hurt. a lot.

but with my "forward progress at all times" motto in mind, i pushed forward and made it through the hem-facing. gooooooooooooo team charis! i'm now into the main bit of the body and am two rows in on the cable repeat. those first two rows were easy. the rows look like they get progressively harder. given my "sleep is always more fun than swearing at your cable needle" motto, i gave up and got in bed.

under the new, complex, multi-part knitting scoring system, scores for the day are:

rogue: 36.7456
charis: 28.765

that wraps up today's portion of the competition. tune in tomorrow for more, exciting developments in the rogue/charis face off. back to you, bob.


Anonymous tgirl147 said...

You go girl. No-one told me about the mind-numbing hugely sucking vortex that was twisted stockinette stitch either – I decided it was a waywards knitted's idea of a cruel joke. I too am grappling with Rogue for the Olympics and thought I would send a cheer to my fellow Roguers. I have made it past the first decreased cable now (phew!) but I have to say it wasn't easy. Take heart though because it does get better!! The worst bit for me was the "simply make 4 stitches from one" right at the botton of the cable. Nightmare. Happy knitting!!

p.s. would love to know what you're knitting it in.

2:18 AM  

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