Monday, January 23, 2006

wish it was sunday

mondays are the worst. anyone who claims to like mondays is lying through his teeth. mondays ruin the start of a perfectly good week by forcing you to go to work. even worse than a normal monday is a monday on which you have an evening meeting where no one can stick to the agenda so your hour-long meeting runs for two hours and you don't get home from work until 9pm. that kind of monday ... well, to be perfectly frank, that kind of monday just blows.

in case you were wondering, that's the kind of monday i just had.

but in an attempt to be a glass-half-full kind of gal, look at what came in the mail for me today:

my yarn for rogue! it's the fisherman yarns from barlett yarns in medium sheeps gray. i originally wanted to go for the plum heather, but was talked into this color by maggie and ccd. i'm happy with my choice, and actually think that it is the perfect color for this type of sweater. here's a closer look:

i can't decide whether or not i'm nervous for rogue. on the one hand, the pattern is nineteen pages long. yes, that's right - nineteen pages. on the other hand, i've done a lot of the things in the pattern before, just not the cables and the short rows. but it's just knitting, right? i mean, how hard can it be? in case you were wondering, that was a rhetorical question - i don't really want to hear about just how hard it can, in fact, be.

moving on ... as promised, here is the finished back of the sweater:

i haven't blocked it yet, so it's rolling at all the edges, making it look even skinnier than it already is. i think it'll be about 18 inches across when it's blockced, though. is that very narrow? i think i need to start looking for a very tall, very skinny person to be the recipient of this sweater.


Blogger MC Crochet said...

just another manic monday. i really love the color of the rogue yarn - i think it will be perfect - it's actually more brown than i thought it would be....

9:36 AM  
Blogger c-dawg-knit said...

it's definitely a different color than i thought it would be, but i like. it's a lot lighter than i thought.

have you picked out your yarn yet?

9:45 AM  

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