Saturday, January 21, 2006

row by row

isn't there a song? something about making gardens grow? anyhoo, i thought it was an appropriate title for a post on sweater progress - which is definitely growing:

i finished the dark green portion, started on light green portion, AND did my armhole shaping:

the directions on the armhole shaping weren't all that clear (i.e., they asked me to bind off stitches at the end of a row), but through application of common sense and a phone call to mags, i perservered. now i just keep knitting for a few more inches (probably closer to five inches, but who's counting), shape the neck, bind off, and then i'm done!! with that back, that is. i still have the front and two sleeves. but i also have a cross-country trip next weekend, so lots of knitting time on the plane.

in other, non-knitting, news, last night was book club. it was the usual racuous affair, with yummy matt-made food, some discussion about the book, and a whole lot more discussion not about the book. this is my favorite picture from the night:

and this is what i did shortly after taking that picture:

i feel asleep. on the couch, in the middle of raging book club. i would blame it on all the late hours i was keeping this past week because of a certain sweater obsession, but this is the third book club in a row where i have fallen asleep. so it must be something else. could it be, is it possibly that ... i'm growing old?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

inch by inch
row by row
gonna make my garden grow
all it needs is a rake and a hoe
and a piece of fertile ground

inch by inch
row by row
gonna make my sweater grow
all it needs are my knitting needles
and a ball of lovely wool

what do you think? does this work?

Love, mom

12:50 PM  

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