Monday, January 16, 2006

no more excuses

friends and fellow knitters. as of 6:45pm pacific this past saturday, january 14th, i no longer have an excuse to ignore my knitting and this blog. that, my friends, is because at 6:45pm this past saturday, i pressed the "submit" button for my very last grad school application (i say this is as if i applied to twenty program. i really only applied to four. but still, give me my moment of exhultation.)!! to say that i am experiencing intense and overwhelming feelings of relief is the understatement of the year.

the reason that i am just now posting this update is because as of 6:46pm this past saturday, january 14th, i started celebrating in a less yarny, more alcholic way. this then led to me spending most of yesterday on maggie's couch, pretending to do a number of things including knitting, watching a subtitled movie, reading knitting books for a new pattern, and thinking about helping maggie pack. while pretending to do all of these things, what i was really doing was counting down until i could take my next excedrin.

but now here i am. i'm back for good this time. no more extended vacations. i promise.

i'm also planning to get a lot more knitting done. as of yesterday, i picked the wedding blanket back up. i have three skeins left to go. my goal is to finish by the last weekend in january. i'm heading to williamstown that weekend for a mini-swimming reunion, and the intended recipient of said wedding blanket is rumored to be planning to attend as well. so if i finish the blanket in time, i can bring it with me, thus avoiding paying for shipping (by using the hand delivery method, i will also avoid many hours of intense anxiety about the u.s. postal service's ability to get the blanket across the country without losing it).

in other knitting news, maggie and i have a new knitting club! we've held two meetings, and have already experienced massive growth in number of members (we also lost a member between the first and second meeting, but it wasn't because of the knitting. it was because she moved to colorado.). my friend ccd, one of the charter members of knitting club, is showing all the signs of being bitten by the knitting bug. she already has several projects going on at once and really, really likes buying yarn.

i know this posting is a little text heavy. i promise with my next post, i'll get back into the picture swing. although, after seeing the amazing things that superbon has been producing recently, i'm a little embarassed for my efforts. sigh.

oh, oh! this was the other thing ... the yarn harlot has just announced the "2006 Knitting Olympics" on her blog! i think i'm going to enter - mags, what do you think? you'll already be up in sonoma, but maybe we have a knitting olympics weekend - i'll come up, and we'll just knit all weekend.


Blogger MC Crochet said...

i am so in. i have two weddings coming up in may (read:TWO). the planning has begun.

6:01 PM  
Blogger c-dawg-knit said...

two weddings as in you're planning on knitting something for each wedding? whoa. that's intense.

so what should we knit for knitting olympics?

i know i could have just emailed you this, but i just kind of want to have more comments. even if they're me commenting on me.

12:04 AM  

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