Wednesday, January 18, 2006

helping others.

so there i am sitting in my favorite coffee shop yesterday tap tapping away on my computer when i notice the most interesting thing. a young man knitting. this man was dressed in all black with black spiked hair and blacked fingerless gloves that were strapped together with metal chains. he had pink fingernails. and he was knitting. well, he was trying to knit what looked like a purple pastel yarn into a scarf. he was on his first row. and as we all know - for a beginner - the first row can be hard. so i kept casually glancing over watching him struggle to work the first stitch - putting it on the needle, dropping it, putting it on the wrong one, dropping it again.

his hands started to shake.

i decided, like the generous knitter i am (kind of) to offer some help. i mean, what knitter in their right mind can watch the nervous shaky hands? (i would never admit that my first reaction was to grab said yarn out of the shaky hands and knit a few rows until we were all clear, never admit it) so i looked around and faced him head on. he looked up like a deer in headlights, his eyes twitching back and forth.

"umm, can i give you a hand, there?"
"no, i just, i just have to go"

at that, he gathered all of his black and metal belongings and ran out of the coffee shop.

maybe i was too abrupt in my thinking that he needed help? maybe he was scarred by an aggressive knitter/teacher in the past? maybe he had to go? maybe his hands weren't shaking at all and he was doing just fine and i simply wanted to take over?
oh well. i suppose not every knitter in public wants my help.


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