Thursday, January 19, 2006

call me crazy

i've always considered myself a smidge left of normal - and have always thought that it was a good thing. i mean, quirks are what make people interesting, right? well, my friends, i've stepped it up to a whole new level this week. as of monday, i was a knitter who had completed nothing more complicated than a small, garter stitch baby sweater (knit all in one piece so there were no seams).

that was monday. as of today, i am a knitter who is compulsively knitting her first ever sweater AND who has signed up for the yarn harlot's knitting olympics. how did this happen.

now that i'm about 14 inches in on sweater #1, i felt sufficiently experienced to commit to knitting rogue for the knitting olympics. to fully appreciate the depths of my insanity, let's examine a few pictures. from the front:

and from the side:

hmm. yes. well. another brilliant decision by yours truly. have i mentioned that i've never actually completed an adult-size sweater before? oh wait, oh wait, did i also remember to mention that i've never officially done cables before?

i'm screwed. because in addition to being overly ambitious, i happen to be insanely competitive. which means that now that i've committed to this sweater, there is no backing down. there is no quitter in charis. there may be a mildly insane knitter in charis, but there is no quitter. it's just me and you, rogue. let's see who blinks first.

on a slightly less crazy note, i'm actually making good progress on sweater #1. this could be because i sat on my couch last night for over five hours doing nothing but knitting on sweater #1, but that's really a minor detail. anyway, here's proof of my progress:

it's a little rolled up in this picture, but i'm at about 14 inches. i get to switch colors at 15.75 inches. look at me, a regular sweater machine.

a certain someone has pointed out that i may owe another certain someone a certain christmas present from, oh, 2004. hehem. yes, i am a wee bit behind on some of my projects. although i seem to have just taken on more knitting than i know what to do with. despite that, i pledge to finish - by February 10th at 2pm Eastern - all ongoing projects that are intended as presents (this last bit is an extremely important caveat. otherwise, i'd be up against yet another impossible deadline.). at last count, this means i need to finish:

1. a scarf for my brother
2. a hat for matt harris

i'm starting to feel like i have more things on my knitting to-do list than i do on my work to-do list.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, Charis -

The start of your sweater looks great! Also glad to see the deadline for Eric's scarf. You left off Brady's sweater, though...... And I think that Dad and I are ready for another knitted item....Forget sleep - unless you can knit in your sleep :)

I am glad that you are having so much fun with your projects.

Love, MOM

8:23 PM  

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