Friday, December 09, 2005

loose ends.

i am sick of loose ends. charis and i have pulled out all of our goods and are having a little gathering this weekend (not so little, we titled it the WONDER GIRL KNITS SPECTACULAR). i realized that i had some fun pieces to sell...but i have the fun habit of finishing knitting, binding off and...that's it. i hate tying in loose ends. i hate it even more when i make a little hat with MANY different colors so there are what feels like 300 ends to tie in. so i sat down at kitchen table last night and went at it. around loose end #278, i realized that i was tying them TIGHTER and TIGHTER. unlike casually knitting the cutest baby dress ever, this just wasn't relaxing. even the wonderful feeling of holding up a finished piece up in front of me just wasn't satisfying enough...

so what does this mean?
i think it just confirms what i always thought...i am a **process** person. i enjoy the process of knitting, crochet, spining, dyeing. it's wonderful that i am being productive and creating and end up with a cool knitted good to keep someone warm...but what do i really get joy out of? the process. i love knotting together things in different shapes. i love doing it and once that step is done...i'm done. (there also might be something to do here with the fact that i have a hard time finishing/letting go of things, but we will ignore that and just keep talking about the *process*). so now i ponder - does this somehow affect my end product? other very exciting news, my loving parents are treating me to a VERY special xmas present. a spinning wheel. i get to make my own yarn. i now have to choose...which wheel to get? i have done some research and asked around. i am looking for something wonderful, easily transportable, can spin any yarn, and wonderful (did i mention that?). i want a piece that i will have my entire life. something that my grandchildren will remember me sitting by and making them yarn out of a big ball of hairy stuff, which gets put on needles, which makes them warm sweaters.
i am thinking about one of the two:
the ashford joy as reccommended by rachael:

OR the ashford traveller:

any thoughts? advice? tips out there???


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