Saturday, December 17, 2005

she's back!

whoops. that was certainly a long absence from the blog. in my defense, i've been a wee bit consumed with grad school applications and have had no time to either knit or blog. i mean, i probably did have some time ... but the problem with something like grad school applications is that they are constantly hanging over your head. so whenever you're doing something that's not grad school applications, you feel guilty. for someone like myself, with a slightly overdeveloped guilt complex, that can spell disaster.

but here i am! one application down, three to go. i gave myself a week off from submitting the first one to starting the other three. and now, one week almost to the hour later, i am sitting down at my computer ... only to begin procrastinating immediately. whoops again.

anyway, enough about grad school. in knitting news ... well, like i said, i've been busy and feeling guilty. but i did pick up the blanket yesterday! does everyone remember the blanket? this would be the one that i started to may to give to my friend as a wedding present. whoops for the third time (do we sense a trend?). the blanket was taking FOREVER, and to be perfectly honest, was becoming a bit boring. one yarnover a row is just not enough to make all knit, all the time interesting. yesterday afternoon, however, after a tough four hours at work, i found myself in need of some mindless knitting. i spent a couple hours on it and am almost through the fourth skein. which means, my friends, that i am almost at the point where each row starts getting shorter. this is very, very exciting. for me, anyway.

in other news, the second annual wonder girl knits holiday spectacular was a smashing success. we sold a number of things, mostly thanks to our friend sandra who was having a GMAT-induced shopping breakdown. we did take pictures but they're all on maggie's camera. final whoops of the day.

alright, i'm off to be productive. or to curl up on my couch. details.

Friday, December 09, 2005

website is up!!

check out:
Wonder Girl Knits

loose ends.

i am sick of loose ends. charis and i have pulled out all of our goods and are having a little gathering this weekend (not so little, we titled it the WONDER GIRL KNITS SPECTACULAR). i realized that i had some fun pieces to sell...but i have the fun habit of finishing knitting, binding off and...that's it. i hate tying in loose ends. i hate it even more when i make a little hat with MANY different colors so there are what feels like 300 ends to tie in. so i sat down at kitchen table last night and went at it. around loose end #278, i realized that i was tying them TIGHTER and TIGHTER. unlike casually knitting the cutest baby dress ever, this just wasn't relaxing. even the wonderful feeling of holding up a finished piece up in front of me just wasn't satisfying enough...

so what does this mean?
i think it just confirms what i always thought...i am a **process** person. i enjoy the process of knitting, crochet, spining, dyeing. it's wonderful that i am being productive and creating and end up with a cool knitted good to keep someone warm...but what do i really get joy out of? the process. i love knotting together things in different shapes. i love doing it and once that step is done...i'm done. (there also might be something to do here with the fact that i have a hard time finishing/letting go of things, but we will ignore that and just keep talking about the *process*). so now i ponder - does this somehow affect my end product? other very exciting news, my loving parents are treating me to a VERY special xmas present. a spinning wheel. i get to make my own yarn. i now have to choose...which wheel to get? i have done some research and asked around. i am looking for something wonderful, easily transportable, can spin any yarn, and wonderful (did i mention that?). i want a piece that i will have my entire life. something that my grandchildren will remember me sitting by and making them yarn out of a big ball of hairy stuff, which gets put on needles, which makes them warm sweaters.
i am thinking about one of the two:
the ashford joy as reccommended by rachael:

OR the ashford traveller:

any thoughts? advice? tips out there???