Tuesday, November 29, 2005

turkeys and alpacas.

or, just alpacas.
so i don't have any new finished projects to tell about. i have one mitten, one leg warmer, one half of a baby's dress, one sweater minus one arm.
i was home this past week where i saw super bon and her half baby blanket, her unfelted bag, her two christmas stockings that are only halfway done, and one recovering super donnie.
i have yet to catch up with charis, who i believe has one half of a cable baby cardigan, one half wedding blanket, one scarf minus flower and i am guessing the only thing she is looking to finish is her grad school applications, and you can't exactly blog those.
i might even have seen super pam with one half of a fleece artist sweater and wonder girl annie who has one sock.

so i bring us cheer with pictures of ridiculous alpacas.
i think i want one.


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