Friday, November 04, 2005

return of the image

first of all, so sorry for having been absent from the blog for so long. as mags noted, i just took the GREs on wednesday and have spent the past week or two frantically memorizing long lists of vocab words and trying to remember ninth grade algebra. none of this did me much good but at least the test is over. phew.

second of all, huge congrats to pam and bonnie for finishing the marathon! i'm really impressed and hope your legs are recovering well.

third of all, let us all celebrate the return of pictures!!! i FINALLY remembered to bring my camera home from work so will delight the crowds with some actual images of the things i've been blathering on about. first up, the cute little scarfy thing:

now some of you will remember that this is supposed to have a cute little flower doodad attached to it. after several frustrating attempts at the flower, i needed to put it away. i was just looking out for the yarn as one more failed attempt might have pushed me to commit yarnicide. that being said, maybe i'll pick the flower back up at some point. for right now, i'm trying to convince myself that i like it just as much without the flower.

next in the picture queue, the spoils of yesterday's trip to imagiknit:

when i got there, maggie was sitting on a couch surrounded by yarn. in fact, she had so much yarn that she had needed to borrow one of the shop's bags just to carry it all around. she was contemplating putting some of it back but, like a true enabler, i put a quick stop to that line of thinking and actually encouraged her to pick up a few more skeins. clearly, i didn't do too bad myself.

when we got back to my place, we settled down to a good night of knitting, desperate housewives and under the tuscan sun, with a side of yummy thai food and diet coke. my roommate dan and maggie's boyfriend trevor passed all this up to go to a raging hip hop concert. hmmm. anyhoo, the end result of the evening was this:

one mitten! yay! it felt really good to actually finish something - i even wove in all my ends! (and yes, i am aware that for this mitten to actually be useful i need to finish a second mitten. details.) i got the pattern from kate gilbert's site and it's super easy and pretty fast.

now i must get back to writing my statement of purpose for graduate school. i'm feeling a tad purposeless, though, so it's proving rather difficult. sigh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice looking knit items, dear.

And lovely looking yarn.

I love you.

7:45 PM  

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