Friday, October 21, 2005

the relativity of productivity

in some ways, i have had a very productive day. in others, not so much.

it all started this morning at around 8:30am. i lay in bed, still a little sleepy, but knowing that i really should get up and start memorizing vocab or writing a statement of purpose or something productive (in a grad school kind of way). instead, i rolled over, turned on my computer ... and started reading the yarn harlot's archives. hmm, not a good sign.

at 9:00am, my good friend maggie (and co-blogger - mags, get on that) called to see if i wanted to have breakfast. i weighed the options in my head: a) go have a yummy breakfast with mags and catch up or b) start memorizing vocab. which do you think i chose?

after breakfast, maggie decided to come back to my house to do work. on the way home, we stopped at blockbuster. to rent movies for "later."

to be fair to mags, she was actually quite productive. i, however, spent a very very long time staring at a fairly blank computer screen. i was trying to type up a brief summary of why i would be a good journalist for the people writing my recommendations. while i believe in my heart of hearts that i will be an excellent journalist and while i normally am never at lack of things to say, this particular task proved extremely difficult for me. sigh. but i did (after an embarassing number of hours) manage to come up with some bullets - i even had 2-3 complete sentences. whoa. big money.

then i gave up. completely. and picked up the oh-so-cute scarf thingy that i started last night. on that front, i have been extremely productive. i have over two-thirds of it knit! this is an amazing feat of knitting speed and prowess (please note that knitting speed and prowess are both extremely relative). i took a brief break because my hands were starting to cramp but i plan to pick it back up as soon as i'm done with this post. and given that i still have two of those movies (yes, i did rent four and no, "later" was not nearly as late as it should have been) to get through and a whole lotta caffeine in me, i think that maybe, just maybe, i can finish the main scarfy part tonight.

i do feel guilty enough about complete and utter lack of grad school productivity that i'm staying in tonight and getting up early tomorrow morning to go to the uc berkeley library. and let me tell you, those people at the berkeley library, they do not mess around. when you step in those doors, oh you will be productive.

i wouldn't also like to point out the apparent recovery of my emotional stability (i've been going through some turmoil over the past few weeks - boy troubles, roommate troubles, etccetc - nothing really remotely significant at all, but apparently enough to push me over the edge. not sure what it says about me that that's all it takes. sigh.). i have spent the past two evenings all by my lonesome and have not started crying once. this is a big step for c-dawg. go c-dawg.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Keep up the good productivity - your goals are such good ones. thanks for including us in the process. We love you - M & D

7:46 PM  

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