Saturday, October 22, 2005

quick update

quick update (since i know everyone's been on the edge of their seats):

i finished the scarf part of the scarf thingy last night. bam.

i attempted to start the flower and it was driving me insane so i gave it up. in fact, the flower was driving me so insane that it's not clear at this point whether the scarf will ever get its flower.

although i specifically stayed home last night so that i would be well-rested for a full day of grad school productivity, i stayed up until two in the morning finishing the scarf and driving myself crazy with the flower. since my alarm went off at 8a, i am not terribly well-rested.

but i did make it to the library. alllll the way in berkeley. since this post is being posted from said library, i'll leave you to draw your own conclusions about exactly how productive i've been since i got here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to see the scarf - and the flower - WE both have such bad habits of staying up way too late doing a project of interest! I love you, dear. Love, mom

7:44 PM  

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