Saturday, October 01, 2005

cable me crazy

i started a new baby sweater. actually, i started a new baby sweater, ripped it out, started again. and now am sitting here trying to convince myself that the second start was good enough all the while knowing that i'm going to rip it out and start again. for the third time.


the sweater is this adorable little cabled concoction (in knitting for baby - great book). admittedly i've never done cables before so that could be the root of all my problems. but whatever i'm doing - even though i personally think what i'm doing is exactly following the directions in the book - is stretching all the stitches around the cables and adding stitches and creating yarnovers and basically making the whole thing look like dog doo.

needless, there will be no pictures of the adorable little cable concoction posted today.

just needed to vent my frustration. now i'm going to go rip it out and start over.

ps - pam, i think this is the sweater you were knitting when you & bonnie came out in may so if you have any pointers send them my way.


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