Friday, October 14, 2005

behind on life

do you ever have times in your life where you just feel like you're moving at a different speed - a much slower, much less functional speed - then everything around you? where by the time you manage to wake up in the morning and get in the shower, your roommate's already out the door, you have four more things on your to do list, you still haven't paid your bills and your room is somehow messier than it was when you went to sleep the night before (or maybe it just seems messier because your light bulb blew out three days before but you haven't managed (due to the slower, less functional speed you're operating at these days) to get to the store to buy a new one so once the sun sets you only experience the messiness of your room through touch)?

welcome to my week. actually, we're on week two of such an existence. so you can imagine how very very far behind i am on life.

the biggest consequence of this, of course, is that i have made woefully little progress on the cabled concoction. actually, woefully little might be a smidge generous. a more accurate statement might be, i have made no progress on the cabled concoction. however, i have learned the cable baby's name: brady. what a great name, yes? and little brady is going to look absolutely smashing in the cabled concoction. i can just feel it.

of course i can also feel time slipping away from me as i move like molasses through the day. hopefully i can get my speed up to marmalade (do you think marmalad is faster than molasses?), make more than no progress on the sweater and get it to brady in time for him to actually wear it before he gets too big.

on that note ... off to knit.

also, i know that my posts have been very text-heavy lately. this is a) because i have made so little progress on any/all of my projects that i have nothing new to show for myself and b) because i have recently been designated the official taker of pictures at work and keep forgetting to bring my camera home with me. i will work on that.


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