Thursday, October 20, 2005

another day, another project

i started a new job a few months ago. there are many good things about this new job: good hours; low stress environment; nice people. the best thing, however, is that this new job is located just around the corner from a very very nice yarn shop: atelier.

i have a soft spot in my heart for atelier as it is the place where i bought my very first skein of yarn (if you don't count this horrid acrylic skein that was absolute misery to knit with). and now that i can just pop in at lunch ... oh dear.

i actually have managed to control my yarn-buying impulses. until today. while i should be working on the cabled concoction, that particular wip takes a whole lotta brain power and concentration. and alias was on tonight. and i saw this really cute pattern on soooo, i just dropped by, just to see, you know, if maybe they had some yarn that maybe would work.

needless to say, they did. frog tree alpaca. it is super soft and super pretty and super nice to knit with. aaah.

the actual knitting is going okay. this whole three strands at once business is a little tricky but i'll persevere.

also ... apologies for text only. i forgot to bring my camera home from work. again.


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