Sunday, October 02, 2005

all's well in cable-ville

needless to say, attempt #3 at the baby sweater didn't go that well. so a couple of hours and many f-bombs later, i was back where i started - with three skeins of yarn and no sweater. but i went to my favorite yarn shop - imagiknit - and poured my troubles out. the very nice woman who was working gave me some advice about purling the other way on my transition stitch from knitting to purling and then knitting through the back the next time around ... anyway, it sounds veryvery confusing but it seems to be working okay. i just made it through (fourth time around) the first round of the cable pattern and it's looking okay. there are still some loose stitches but they are probably not as obvious as i think that they are. and the cables seem to be going okay. at the very least, they sort of look like i would expect cables to look.

so all is well in cable-ville ... although at the rate i'm going, this sweater will be done by the time the baby is 3 years old. sigh.

luckily, i don't have work tomorrow. one of the benefits of working in an academic environment. so even though i should be spending the whole day studying for the gre/writing grad school essays, i will probably spend several/many hours working on this sweater. in my defense, how depressing would it be if i finished the sweater and it was already too small for the baby?

on a final note, maybe i should learn the baby's name. that would help. if i don't learn it soon, he will forever be known to me as "cable baby."


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi, dear -

Cable baby's name is Brady.

Other big news -
Sam and Nancy have a new granddaughter - born October 5th. I will have to check the e-mail again as I have forgotten her name.

I love you.

3:33 PM  

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