Tuesday, October 25, 2005

back at it.

first - my thanks sent out to c-dawg. i have been completely delinquent in my blogging. luckily, right before my hiatus, i convinced her to become completly obsessed with blogging to hold down the fort. but taa.daa. i'm back.

things have been exciting in the wonder girl knits forefront. we have set a date for the first annual wonder girl knits holiday extravaganza - more details to come.
we will gather all of the wonderful knits that we have chugged along on - welcome our friends and fmaily into our homes and sell them at an exorbitant prices! ha, just kidding. but we will have a little holiday gathering in early december with our goods for sale.

on the my own personal knitting front, i have knit my beau a watch cap:
oh blah, the picture won't come up.
it is made of a lovely denim color of 100% wool from Bartlett Yarns. Bartlett Yarns is an incredibly cool mill that spins local wool. From their website:

"In 1821, Ozias Bartlett started his yarn spinning mill on the west bank of Higgins Stream in the village of Harmony, Maine. He took in locally raised wool and returned spun yarn in much the same manner as a village miller taking in grain and returning flour or ground meal. The original Bartlett spinnery probably was first powered by an undershot water wheel that was replaced some time in the 1840’s by a water turbine. "

How cool is that? I love it. BUT I must admit this hat is incredibly thick, incredibly itchy, incredibly big. But my dear beau seems to love it. His afro is so big that it needs something big and warm to cover his ears during the somewhat cold northern californian winters.

In other knitting ventures - I am ALMOST finished with this:

the felted lucy bag

Super Bon is also making it. Did you get to felt it last weekend? Let's see pictures! (This is my meager attempt to get her to start blogging with HER NEW COMPUTER). But I do give her a break because she is running/walking the Marine's Marathon this weekend! With Super Pam! Go wonder girls. Go.

Saturday, October 22, 2005

quick update

quick update (since i know everyone's been on the edge of their seats):

i finished the scarf part of the scarf thingy last night. bam.

i attempted to start the flower and it was driving me insane so i gave it up. in fact, the flower was driving me so insane that it's not clear at this point whether the scarf will ever get its flower.

although i specifically stayed home last night so that i would be well-rested for a full day of grad school productivity, i stayed up until two in the morning finishing the scarf and driving myself crazy with the flower. since my alarm went off at 8a, i am not terribly well-rested.

but i did make it to the library. alllll the way in berkeley. since this post is being posted from said library, i'll leave you to draw your own conclusions about exactly how productive i've been since i got here.

Friday, October 21, 2005

the relativity of productivity

in some ways, i have had a very productive day. in others, not so much.

it all started this morning at around 8:30am. i lay in bed, still a little sleepy, but knowing that i really should get up and start memorizing vocab or writing a statement of purpose or something productive (in a grad school kind of way). instead, i rolled over, turned on my computer ... and started reading the yarn harlot's archives. hmm, not a good sign.

at 9:00am, my good friend maggie (and co-blogger - mags, get on that) called to see if i wanted to have breakfast. i weighed the options in my head: a) go have a yummy breakfast with mags and catch up or b) start memorizing vocab. which do you think i chose?

after breakfast, maggie decided to come back to my house to do work. on the way home, we stopped at blockbuster. to rent movies for "later."

to be fair to mags, she was actually quite productive. i, however, spent a very very long time staring at a fairly blank computer screen. i was trying to type up a brief summary of why i would be a good journalist for the people writing my recommendations. while i believe in my heart of hearts that i will be an excellent journalist and while i normally am never at lack of things to say, this particular task proved extremely difficult for me. sigh. but i did (after an embarassing number of hours) manage to come up with some bullets - i even had 2-3 complete sentences. whoa. big money.

then i gave up. completely. and picked up the oh-so-cute scarf thingy that i started last night. on that front, i have been extremely productive. i have over two-thirds of it knit! this is an amazing feat of knitting speed and prowess (please note that knitting speed and prowess are both extremely relative). i took a brief break because my hands were starting to cramp but i plan to pick it back up as soon as i'm done with this post. and given that i still have two of those movies (yes, i did rent four and no, "later" was not nearly as late as it should have been) to get through and a whole lotta caffeine in me, i think that maybe, just maybe, i can finish the main scarfy part tonight.

i do feel guilty enough about complete and utter lack of grad school productivity that i'm staying in tonight and getting up early tomorrow morning to go to the uc berkeley library. and let me tell you, those people at the berkeley library, they do not mess around. when you step in those doors, oh you will be productive.

i wouldn't also like to point out the apparent recovery of my emotional stability (i've been going through some turmoil over the past few weeks - boy troubles, roommate troubles, etccetc - nothing really remotely significant at all, but apparently enough to push me over the edge. not sure what it says about me that that's all it takes. sigh.). i have spent the past two evenings all by my lonesome and have not started crying once. this is a big step for c-dawg. go c-dawg.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

another day, another project

i started a new job a few months ago. there are many good things about this new job: good hours; low stress environment; nice people. the best thing, however, is that this new job is located just around the corner from a very very nice yarn shop: atelier.

i have a soft spot in my heart for atelier as it is the place where i bought my very first skein of yarn (if you don't count this horrid acrylic skein that was absolute misery to knit with). and now that i can just pop in at lunch ... oh dear.

i actually have managed to control my yarn-buying impulses. until today. while i should be working on the cabled concoction, that particular wip takes a whole lotta brain power and concentration. and alias was on tonight. and i saw this really cute pattern on knitty.com. soooo, i just dropped by, just to see, you know, if maybe they had some yarn that maybe would work.

needless to say, they did. frog tree alpaca. it is super soft and super pretty and super nice to knit with. aaah.

the actual knitting is going okay. this whole three strands at once business is a little tricky but i'll persevere.

also ... apologies for text only. i forgot to bring my camera home from work. again.

Friday, October 14, 2005

behind on life

do you ever have times in your life where you just feel like you're moving at a different speed - a much slower, much less functional speed - then everything around you? where by the time you manage to wake up in the morning and get in the shower, your roommate's already out the door, you have four more things on your to do list, you still haven't paid your bills and your room is somehow messier than it was when you went to sleep the night before (or maybe it just seems messier because your light bulb blew out three days before but you haven't managed (due to the slower, less functional speed you're operating at these days) to get to the store to buy a new one so once the sun sets you only experience the messiness of your room through touch)?

welcome to my week. actually, we're on week two of such an existence. so you can imagine how very very far behind i am on life.

the biggest consequence of this, of course, is that i have made woefully little progress on the cabled concoction. actually, woefully little might be a smidge generous. a more accurate statement might be, i have made no progress on the cabled concoction. however, i have learned the cable baby's name: brady. what a great name, yes? and little brady is going to look absolutely smashing in the cabled concoction. i can just feel it.

of course i can also feel time slipping away from me as i move like molasses through the day. hopefully i can get my speed up to marmalade (do you think marmalad is faster than molasses?), make more than no progress on the sweater and get it to brady in time for him to actually wear it before he gets too big.

on that note ... off to knit.

also, i know that my posts have been very text-heavy lately. this is a) because i have made so little progress on any/all of my projects that i have nothing new to show for myself and b) because i have recently been designated the official taker of pictures at work and keep forgetting to bring my camera home with me. i will work on that.

Sunday, October 02, 2005

all's well in cable-ville

needless to say, attempt #3 at the baby sweater didn't go that well. so a couple of hours and many f-bombs later, i was back where i started - with three skeins of yarn and no sweater. but i went to my favorite yarn shop - imagiknit - and poured my troubles out. the very nice woman who was working gave me some advice about purling the other way on my transition stitch from knitting to purling and then knitting through the back the next time around ... anyway, it sounds veryvery confusing but it seems to be working okay. i just made it through (fourth time around) the first round of the cable pattern and it's looking okay. there are still some loose stitches but they are probably not as obvious as i think that they are. and the cables seem to be going okay. at the very least, they sort of look like i would expect cables to look.

so all is well in cable-ville ... although at the rate i'm going, this sweater will be done by the time the baby is 3 years old. sigh.

luckily, i don't have work tomorrow. one of the benefits of working in an academic environment. so even though i should be spending the whole day studying for the gre/writing grad school essays, i will probably spend several/many hours working on this sweater. in my defense, how depressing would it be if i finished the sweater and it was already too small for the baby?

on a final note, maybe i should learn the baby's name. that would help. if i don't learn it soon, he will forever be known to me as "cable baby."

Saturday, October 01, 2005

cable me crazy

i started a new baby sweater. actually, i started a new baby sweater, ripped it out, started again. and now am sitting here trying to convince myself that the second start was good enough all the while knowing that i'm going to rip it out and start again. for the third time.


the sweater is this adorable little cabled concoction (in knitting for baby - great book). admittedly i've never done cables before so that could be the root of all my problems. but whatever i'm doing - even though i personally think what i'm doing is exactly following the directions in the book - is stretching all the stitches around the cables and adding stitches and creating yarnovers and basically making the whole thing look like dog doo.

needless, there will be no pictures of the adorable little cable concoction posted today.

just needed to vent my frustration. now i'm going to go rip it out and start over.

ps - pam, i think this is the sweater you were knitting when you & bonnie came out in may so if you have any pointers send them my way.