Thursday, September 29, 2005

yarn in the adirondacks.

ok. back at it. i have safely traveled from the border of canada and new york - all the way back to san francisco - with all of my new yarn, my new projects, my dirty clothes and a couple of wonderfuly new patterns.
first, i owe everyone a few pics from the trip:

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Here is the Yarn Harlot and Susan and Lisa from Adirondack Yarns, where you will find views like this:

adk02 Posted by Picasa

and this:

adk3 Posted by Picasa

yes. it's true. they have lovely walls and nooks and crannies of yarn and more yarn. and they are very nice. i have never really seen my mom (super bon) grab, touch, and run to buy yarn as quickly as she did here. she got some beautiful fleece artist yarn to knit with. i think her purchases made her go so far as to do this:

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that's right...look carefully and you will see THOUSANDS of needles. she is organizing her needles. go super bon.

i have a couple of new projects to speak of - and will post them tomorrow. i am working a day too slow, it seems. go red sox.
ps. thanks to these lovely wonder girls for a lovely weekend:

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