Sunday, September 11, 2005

travel to a foreign land

this is matt:

yesterday matt and i traveled to a foreign land. and we managed to do this without leaving the city boundaries of san francisco. that's right, my friends, we went to the marina.

now i have long been a critic of the marina. but i think that i may have to eat my words (or at least some of them). i will still never venture to the marina after dark but on a saturday afternoon, i don't think there's better entertainment anywhere in the city.

our initial goal was to find a pair of eyeglasses for matt. both matt and i have been on a hunt for frames for awhile now. i spotted the pair of my dreams in a little shop in portland and have been trying to track them down in the city - anne et valentin, very cool. matt was looking a little more generally. the problem with glasses is that you're stuck with whatever you decide for a long, long time. so you need to be really, really sure that the ones you're buying are actually the right ones for you (nevermind the whole expense issue ...).

anyhoo ... matt had found this really cool store called bjorn up on union. so we head up there intending to swoop in and swoop out - previously, my preferred technique when forced to venture into hostile territory. but then something weird happened ... we totally and completely got sucked in. we were just trying to find someplace for lunch. but since we are not familiar with the neighborhood AT ALL, we had to wander around. and in the course of our wanderings, we discovered several things:

1. the marina has a lot of really cute shops with really cute things that are really beyond my budget

2. everyone in the marina wears workout clothes. and not because they're working out. they just wear them around, out to pick up the paper or lunch or a new pair of jeans.

3. however, despite the proliferation of workout gear, we did not spot a single gym.

4. the marina has more eyeglass shops in a several block radius than the rest of the city combined (this is obviously based on anecdotal evidence and may be slightly exaggerated. but that's how it felt.)

5. the marina, however, does not seem to have a single yarn store.
matt and i got so sucked in to foreign culture that we both purchased very cool pairs of workout pants. we plan to visit again next weekend but this time we'll look like natives.

ps btw - did everyone notice that i managed to insert not one, but two links?!?!


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hooray! links...but whoops. i didn't change the color of the links. which means that a reader doesn't realize they are actually links. i will now change that...

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