Thursday, September 08, 2005

Productivity and Generosity

Yes! I have been bathing in mineral springs, looking at redwoods, working and working some more. And not too much knitting.
First of all - Charis. YES! You posted pics! Nice work. SO - you will realize that no matter when you want to post a picture and you are in the "Edit HTML" field while posting, the html code of the pic will go directly to the top of your post. Which means that you have to cut and paste it within your post. Really quite easy - if you have gotten this far, you are sure to get it soon.
Second. The baby sweater is so cute. So squishy, so pink, so little, so cute.
And the sock. Well, your sock is much better off than my sock. My sock is hiding away for fear of my manic fingers confusing the tiny needles and knitting where purls should be and purling where knitting should be. Soon enough, he will gain up his courage and arise from the bottom of the bag to make a brave reappearance. I just know it. For now, he hides away.
And lastly, on productivity - well done. If I confessed the state of my room, my kitchen, my living room and my office right now...people might be scared. I thought that before I left for vacation, I left it clean....not so much.

But I guess with the state of our world and nation right now, perhaps dirty rooms aren't such a big deal. I am continually amazed that despite the lack of attention and action that our government continues to display- people around the nation are coming together and helping eachother.
A couple of links to check out some knitters who are knitting for Katrina victims:
Big Pink Cookie
I'm knitting as fast as I can
Give a Little

And for any Bay Area or West Coast readers, I am pleased to announce that our wonderful city of San Francisco just put up this site for emergency plans in case of a natural disaster.
Check out: 72 hours
It's important to have a plan...

I don't have any new pics today...but will get my pics from vacation up soon. I am sorry to say that I actually missed blogging Trevor's first crochet venture. YES, I brought my boyfriend to Imagiknits...where he BOUGHT yarn and stayed up for the next two nights til 3am to FINISH his crochet. He made a bag. I am to come.


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