Wednesday, September 07, 2005


i'm awarding myself with some well-deserved procastination time because i have been VERY productive over the past week or so (it should be noted that productivity is a relative concept). among the productive things i have done: dropped off my dry cleaning; picked up my dry cleaning; went to the grocery store twice AND cooked a meal from the food i bought; went to the bank; renewed my car registration; and, last but certainly not least, installed wireless dsl in my house!!! that last one is pretty huge.

some will perhaps note that i did not manage to clean my room. that's on next week's task list.

but back to the wireless dsl ... this means, my friends, that i am blogging from the comfort of my own home for the very first time. what this also means is that i no longer have an excuse about my inability to upload pictures to the blog. so here goes ...

this first pic is not of a very recent project, but it was my first completed (weeelll, almost completed - i still need to sew the buttons on) sweater so i'm really quite proud of it. admittedly, it was a baby sweater so a smidge easier than a big person sweater but still ...

well shoot ... the picture is there but in the wrong place. humph. okay, let's try this again with a picture of the ever-present sock. this has been coming along slowly but surely. i took it up to seattle with me over labor day weekend and managed to squeeze in a few rows on the plane to and fro. yes, yes, i probably should have been able to squeeze in more than a few rows but i got caught up in the latest issue of us weekly. and then i fell asleep. at this rate the sock will be done in 2010. and then i'll have to start on the second sock. sigh. but anyhoo, enough typing ... i present, THE SOCK:

oh bugger. that didn't work at all. now both pictures are at the top of the post, in the wrong order and not even lined up correctly. argh. a technophobe i am not, that's for damn sure.

well anyway, i'm sure you are all able to figure out which picture is the sock and which picture is the baby sweater. so when you get to the appropriate point in your reading, you should just scroll back up quickly to re-view the picture. not ideal but maybe i can do better next time.

okay, i'm off to do some studying for the gre. or maybe just to curl up on the couch with the latest issue of the new yorker.

mags - where have you been all my life? too busy camping and working?


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Blogger Tina said...

If you're the the "Edit html" mode, just cut the code and paste where you want the picture to show up. If you're in the other mode, you should be able to click and drag the images.

8:37 AM  

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