Thursday, September 29, 2005

yarn in the adirondacks.

ok. back at it. i have safely traveled from the border of canada and new york - all the way back to san francisco - with all of my new yarn, my new projects, my dirty clothes and a couple of wonderfuly new patterns.
first, i owe everyone a few pics from the trip:

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Here is the Yarn Harlot and Susan and Lisa from Adirondack Yarns, where you will find views like this:

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and this:

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yes. it's true. they have lovely walls and nooks and crannies of yarn and more yarn. and they are very nice. i have never really seen my mom (super bon) grab, touch, and run to buy yarn as quickly as she did here. she got some beautiful fleece artist yarn to knit with. i think her purchases made her go so far as to do this:

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that's right...look carefully and you will see THOUSANDS of needles. she is organizing her needles. go super bon.

i have a couple of new projects to speak of - and will post them tomorrow. i am working a day too slow, it seems. go red sox.
ps. thanks to these lovely wonder girls for a lovely weekend:

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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

harlotting around

so i see some of us have been a bit absent - so i am going to get back on the blogging horse with some great new pics. i don't have much time - but a quick little preview of who i got to see just last night: looks like i can't upload my photos right now.
but for a little hint: check out Adirondack Yarns

more to come when i can get my photos up!!!
c-dawg - hope you are feeling better!

Monday, September 12, 2005

insert clever title here

a few random thoughts before i get into what i want to get into. actually just one thought. not even a thought, just a comment: i have a really hard time titling my posts. i mean, come on! talk about pressure. to somehow come up with a snappy, clever, compelling, witty, interesting summary of your post - all in a handful of words? puh-lease. i think that my hatred of titling is also why i will never successfully on-line date - same concept except in that forum you have to come up with a snappy, clever, compelling, witty, interesting summary of your PERSONALITY (you also need a number of really cute pictures, yet another strike against on-line dating in my book. i'll leave it to the women who can both summarize and take good pictures.)

moving on - i would just like to give a shout out to the amazing power of the internet. yes, yes, i know it might be a little cliche BUT it just never fails to amaze. last night, i was out to dinner with an old friend who happened to be passing through san francisco. we were reminiscing about life back in the day, as you tend to do with old friends, and we started talking about this kid we had swum with back when we were 12. neither of us had talked to him since we were, oh, 12 which is quite a long time ago these days. so we have a few beers, get back to my place and google him. and lo and beyold, he pops up! well, at least a website with an employee with the same namepops up. so i drop an email, just for kicks, and he emails back and it's the right guy! how insane is that! maybe other people don't find this insane but i haven't talked to this guy in FOURTEEN years and i just type his name into a little box on a screen and there he is? just amazing to me.

now i realize that my thoughts on the incredible connective tissue of the internet may not be all that profound or innovative. but i just think that sometimes it's nice to step back and realize what an amazing time we live in. back when i was 12, i don't think i even knew what the internet was (was there an internet when i was 12?). fourteen years may be a long time in the life of charis but in the grand scheme of things it's a mere blink of the eye. so to come that far in a blink - well, like i said, i just think it's worth a shout out.

and speaking of shout outs (i don't think i've ever used the term "shout out" in my life and i just used it three times in one post), i'd just like to throw one (and does one "throw" "shout outs"?) out to maggie for getting involved in the breast cancer walk. it's so easy to just think about doing something without ever working up to the actual doing of the something - but maggie's taking action and i'm proud of her.

These boots were made for walkin'

  • And I guess that's just what I'm gonna have to do. I did it. I agreed to walk 60 miles (I think) next July in support of Breast Cancer Awareness. I guess I signed up for a couple of reasons - I realize that this is an epidemic that needs to be stopped, that every three minutes a woman in the US finds out that she has breast cancer, that we need to find a cure, we need to slow this thing down. But as I headed out on my four mile walk today - I also realize that there are other reasons I signed up as well. I realize that walking is actually alot like knitting. You are on your own out there - contemplating, meditating, pondering, wandering, relaxing. Now I know that knitting cables on size 2 dpns is not exactly relaxing or gives you much time to ponder the larger meaning of life...but I do believe that all of us knit because it makes us slow down, take a breather from this fast paced world and give the time back to ourselves. I think (and maybe I will change my mind after 60 miles in two days) that walking may be able to work the same way. I'll let you know.

    I finished my shrug. Will upload a photo tomorrow - because I can't find my camera cord! Ah.

    Sunday, September 11, 2005

    travel to a foreign land

    this is matt:

    yesterday matt and i traveled to a foreign land. and we managed to do this without leaving the city boundaries of san francisco. that's right, my friends, we went to the marina.

    now i have long been a critic of the marina. but i think that i may have to eat my words (or at least some of them). i will still never venture to the marina after dark but on a saturday afternoon, i don't think there's better entertainment anywhere in the city.

    our initial goal was to find a pair of eyeglasses for matt. both matt and i have been on a hunt for frames for awhile now. i spotted the pair of my dreams in a little shop in portland and have been trying to track them down in the city - anne et valentin, very cool. matt was looking a little more generally. the problem with glasses is that you're stuck with whatever you decide for a long, long time. so you need to be really, really sure that the ones you're buying are actually the right ones for you (nevermind the whole expense issue ...).

    anyhoo ... matt had found this really cool store called bjorn up on union. so we head up there intending to swoop in and swoop out - previously, my preferred technique when forced to venture into hostile territory. but then something weird happened ... we totally and completely got sucked in. we were just trying to find someplace for lunch. but since we are not familiar with the neighborhood AT ALL, we had to wander around. and in the course of our wanderings, we discovered several things:

    1. the marina has a lot of really cute shops with really cute things that are really beyond my budget

    2. everyone in the marina wears workout clothes. and not because they're working out. they just wear them around, out to pick up the paper or lunch or a new pair of jeans.

    3. however, despite the proliferation of workout gear, we did not spot a single gym.

    4. the marina has more eyeglass shops in a several block radius than the rest of the city combined (this is obviously based on anecdotal evidence and may be slightly exaggerated. but that's how it felt.)

    5. the marina, however, does not seem to have a single yarn store.
    matt and i got so sucked in to foreign culture that we both purchased very cool pairs of workout pants. we plan to visit again next weekend but this time we'll look like natives.

    ps btw - did everyone notice that i managed to insert not one, but two links?!?!

    ch ch ch changes

    So more changes to the blog....I think the black is the best way to go. I kept changing the background color and realized that in different lights it became hard to read. So am thinking we will keep it here for a while and see how it goes.

    As for my weekend - which is quickly coming to an end, I am pleased to announced that I think I was single handedly the ONLY person knitting at the Toyota Challenge Mt. Dew Action Tour in San Jose yesterday. My childhoof friend, Matt, got us tickets and for the first time I got to see Motorcross, BMX biking and Skateboarders...I didn't recognize that many names...but was pretty amazed at what these guys could do. And yes, I got in a few rows on my Shrug - which I think I will finish tonight!

    East coasters - hello...are you there...come in.
    Charis and I decided we want more pics of Super Henry and knitted goods!

    Friday, September 09, 2005

    a post a day ...

    so i think the real source of my picture-posting confusion is that i am totally and completely unfamiliar with my new computer. i just joined the ranks of the mac-users and am finding that all of the little shortcuts and tricks i spent the past 8 years learning on my pc no longer work AT ALL. little did i know that the keyboard shortcut for "cut text" is not ctrl-x but that weird little apple key-x. it all makes sense now.

    i've also been getting frustrated with my inability to use bold and italics when posting. apparently that little problem was all due to the browser that i was using. but i've downloaded firefox and i think i'm good to go on that front as well. phew. i know you were all concerned.

    mags - good job on the new look! i really like it. i don't think i minded the old colors as much as you but i do like how the pics look now.

    next up on the blogging learning curve: how to insert a link. i might be the world's slowest learning-to-blog person ever. sigh.

    new blog face?

    how do we like this? i REALLY hated the green of the last one.
    and i think this one actually shows photos better.
    i don't know...what do you think? i think i can spice it up a little too...with some knitty knitty pics.

    Thursday, September 08, 2005


    yay! after much helpful instruction, i managed to move the pics from yesterday's post to the right positions (of course, now the post itself doesn't make any sense but a girl can't fix everything at once ... especially not at 10:30 at night when she's sulking in her room after a fight with her roomie).

    mags - glad you're back posting, i've been missing you.

    Productivity and Generosity

    Yes! I have been bathing in mineral springs, looking at redwoods, working and working some more. And not too much knitting.
    First of all - Charis. YES! You posted pics! Nice work. SO - you will realize that no matter when you want to post a picture and you are in the "Edit HTML" field while posting, the html code of the pic will go directly to the top of your post. Which means that you have to cut and paste it within your post. Really quite easy - if you have gotten this far, you are sure to get it soon.
    Second. The baby sweater is so cute. So squishy, so pink, so little, so cute.
    And the sock. Well, your sock is much better off than my sock. My sock is hiding away for fear of my manic fingers confusing the tiny needles and knitting where purls should be and purling where knitting should be. Soon enough, he will gain up his courage and arise from the bottom of the bag to make a brave reappearance. I just know it. For now, he hides away.
    And lastly, on productivity - well done. If I confessed the state of my room, my kitchen, my living room and my office right now...people might be scared. I thought that before I left for vacation, I left it clean....not so much.

    But I guess with the state of our world and nation right now, perhaps dirty rooms aren't such a big deal. I am continually amazed that despite the lack of attention and action that our government continues to display- people around the nation are coming together and helping eachother.
    A couple of links to check out some knitters who are knitting for Katrina victims:
    Big Pink Cookie
    I'm knitting as fast as I can
    Give a Little

    And for any Bay Area or West Coast readers, I am pleased to announce that our wonderful city of San Francisco just put up this site for emergency plans in case of a natural disaster.
    Check out: 72 hours
    It's important to have a plan...

    I don't have any new pics today...but will get my pics from vacation up soon. I am sorry to say that I actually missed blogging Trevor's first crochet venture. YES, I brought my boyfriend to Imagiknits...where he BOUGHT yarn and stayed up for the next two nights til 3am to FINISH his crochet. He made a bag. I am to come.

    Wednesday, September 07, 2005


    i'm awarding myself with some well-deserved procastination time because i have been VERY productive over the past week or so (it should be noted that productivity is a relative concept). among the productive things i have done: dropped off my dry cleaning; picked up my dry cleaning; went to the grocery store twice AND cooked a meal from the food i bought; went to the bank; renewed my car registration; and, last but certainly not least, installed wireless dsl in my house!!! that last one is pretty huge.

    some will perhaps note that i did not manage to clean my room. that's on next week's task list.

    but back to the wireless dsl ... this means, my friends, that i am blogging from the comfort of my own home for the very first time. what this also means is that i no longer have an excuse about my inability to upload pictures to the blog. so here goes ...

    this first pic is not of a very recent project, but it was my first completed (weeelll, almost completed - i still need to sew the buttons on) sweater so i'm really quite proud of it. admittedly, it was a baby sweater so a smidge easier than a big person sweater but still ...

    well shoot ... the picture is there but in the wrong place. humph. okay, let's try this again with a picture of the ever-present sock. this has been coming along slowly but surely. i took it up to seattle with me over labor day weekend and managed to squeeze in a few rows on the plane to and fro. yes, yes, i probably should have been able to squeeze in more than a few rows but i got caught up in the latest issue of us weekly. and then i fell asleep. at this rate the sock will be done in 2010. and then i'll have to start on the second sock. sigh. but anyhoo, enough typing ... i present, THE SOCK:

    oh bugger. that didn't work at all. now both pictures are at the top of the post, in the wrong order and not even lined up correctly. argh. a technophobe i am not, that's for damn sure.

    well anyway, i'm sure you are all able to figure out which picture is the sock and which picture is the baby sweater. so when you get to the appropriate point in your reading, you should just scroll back up quickly to re-view the picture. not ideal but maybe i can do better next time.

    okay, i'm off to do some studying for the gre. or maybe just to curl up on the couch with the latest issue of the new yorker.

    mags - where have you been all my life? too busy camping and working?