Saturday, August 27, 2005

time management for dummmies

so the big theory when i quit my super-intense, soul-consuming corporate job to take a part-time, way-chill gig in a little private high school was that i would have oodles and oodles of time to tackle all the things in my life that had been put on hold due to the presence of the aforementioned soul-consuming corporate job.

hmm. that was the theory anyway. the reality is that after week two of new job (which is definitely part-time and definitely way-chill), i'm still behind on my laundry, still haven't dropped off my dry cleaning, still haven't cleaned my room, still haven't gotten in shape AND still haven't finished the freaking blanket. i did make some small progress on the sock. a minute amount of progress that is only discernable if you've been closely examining the sock for signs of progress every 3 minutes or so.

i actually think my time management skills have gotten worse due to this new part-time work situation. it's almost like i have too much time on my hands (not that i'm complaining). so my goal for the upcoming work week (because heaven forbid i actually start being productive right away) is to do at least TWO productive things each day.

now some might think i am setting myself an impossible goal (or some might think that i am quite possibly the laziest person on the face of the planet). but i want to set an attainable standard for myself. then after a few weeks of two productive things each day i might feel inspired to bump it up to THREE. heavens above.

some examples of productive things:

1. finish the third skein and start on the fourth skein (blanket progress)
2. drop off my dry cleaning
3. pick up my dry cleaning
4. laundry
5. reorganize yarn stash
6. knit another inch on the sock
7, 8 & 9. clean my room (due to the time required to complete this task, i am allotting myself three productivity credits)

any other suggestions?


Blogger Ambrosia said...

I usually make a list of the things I need to do. Yes, it may seem like one more thing you have to do but do it anyway because it's productive to orginize and you will feel great crossing things off the list. The first item on my list is to make a list of things to do that way I get to cross something off right away and really feel acomplished.

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