Thursday, August 25, 2005

my two shrugs

so i realize that sometimes i am an incredibly slow knitter. maybe it is when i am trying to knit cables while reading subtitles of an italian romance film. or maybe i am a...lazy knitter? who knows. but this is my first venture into merino (well any type of lacy yarn) to make a it is:

it. is. taking. me. forever.
maybe not as long as charis' blanket. maybe i need to really concentrate on this one. hmmmm. i will keep chugging along though.

OR. maybe i just got distracted when i found this wonderful hand dyed skein in a fun shop in menlo park, ca called The Knitter's Studio. What nice ladies there and they have some really nice yarn....

and what should i make? how about a shrug? or two? that's right, i bought two skeins of two different greens...which i THOUGHT would look nice next to eachother in ONE shrug (but found quite differently once i slowly backed away from the store (think 'dragged by trevor'). So what option do i have but to make TWO shrugs. I found a fun pattern that was knit up in the store that I am trying to recreate - I will pass it on when I find out if I can actually make something wearable.

In other good news - we are taking some time off from work and I am going to spend some wonderful time relaxing, camping, hiking, knitting and reading. Not that I need much downtime from this, my new view from work window (compare this with the concrete jungle of downtown). Bless those wonderful redwoods, they really do bring us peace.


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