Saturday, August 27, 2005

p.s. for mags

mags, i don't think you're a slow knitter! also, i really like the second shrug ... is that knit in a rib? i can't tell from the pic.

time management for dummmies

so the big theory when i quit my super-intense, soul-consuming corporate job to take a part-time, way-chill gig in a little private high school was that i would have oodles and oodles of time to tackle all the things in my life that had been put on hold due to the presence of the aforementioned soul-consuming corporate job.

hmm. that was the theory anyway. the reality is that after week two of new job (which is definitely part-time and definitely way-chill), i'm still behind on my laundry, still haven't dropped off my dry cleaning, still haven't cleaned my room, still haven't gotten in shape AND still haven't finished the freaking blanket. i did make some small progress on the sock. a minute amount of progress that is only discernable if you've been closely examining the sock for signs of progress every 3 minutes or so.

i actually think my time management skills have gotten worse due to this new part-time work situation. it's almost like i have too much time on my hands (not that i'm complaining). so my goal for the upcoming work week (because heaven forbid i actually start being productive right away) is to do at least TWO productive things each day.

now some might think i am setting myself an impossible goal (or some might think that i am quite possibly the laziest person on the face of the planet). but i want to set an attainable standard for myself. then after a few weeks of two productive things each day i might feel inspired to bump it up to THREE. heavens above.

some examples of productive things:

1. finish the third skein and start on the fourth skein (blanket progress)
2. drop off my dry cleaning
3. pick up my dry cleaning
4. laundry
5. reorganize yarn stash
6. knit another inch on the sock
7, 8 & 9. clean my room (due to the time required to complete this task, i am allotting myself three productivity credits)

any other suggestions?

Thursday, August 25, 2005


check out this wonderful site.
she uses digital video to create little short videos on knitting techniques...
from cables to fair isle to more.

Knitting Help

my two shrugs

so i realize that sometimes i am an incredibly slow knitter. maybe it is when i am trying to knit cables while reading subtitles of an italian romance film. or maybe i am a...lazy knitter? who knows. but this is my first venture into merino (well any type of lacy yarn) to make a it is:

it. is. taking. me. forever.
maybe not as long as charis' blanket. maybe i need to really concentrate on this one. hmmmm. i will keep chugging along though.

OR. maybe i just got distracted when i found this wonderful hand dyed skein in a fun shop in menlo park, ca called The Knitter's Studio. What nice ladies there and they have some really nice yarn....

and what should i make? how about a shrug? or two? that's right, i bought two skeins of two different greens...which i THOUGHT would look nice next to eachother in ONE shrug (but found quite differently once i slowly backed away from the store (think 'dragged by trevor'). So what option do i have but to make TWO shrugs. I found a fun pattern that was knit up in the store that I am trying to recreate - I will pass it on when I find out if I can actually make something wearable.

In other good news - we are taking some time off from work and I am going to spend some wonderful time relaxing, camping, hiking, knitting and reading. Not that I need much downtime from this, my new view from work window (compare this with the concrete jungle of downtown). Bless those wonderful redwoods, they really do bring us peace.

Monday, August 15, 2005

fully addicted

so i went up to sea ranch for the weekend fully intending to finish the blanket. and while i did make some progress (3 skeins down, 5 to go), i also started ANOTHER project - that would be in addition to the blanket and the baby bootie that i had with me, and the two hats sitting at home. i recently bought a little book of sock patterns and just had to go with it. so i found the only yarn shop in the sea ranch area, bought some sock yarn and some really really little needles and got to knitting. it's actually coming along quite well - the pattern is knit flat for the most part with only the toe knit in the round so i haven't been swearing nearly as much as i would be if i had to knit the whole thing on double-pointed needles.

it's cold and raining AND it's my last day of official unemployment so i think i might just curl up on the couch with the sock and knit the day away.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

creating an addict.

i knew that once charis quit her job that a few things might happen:
1. she would complusively start knitting baby goods. even though we don't really know too many babies.
2. she would compulsively blog all of her new knitting projects.
3. she will start counting knitting and crafts as a "part-time" job.
go c-dawg-knit. go.

i however am swamped in work to my ears. am behind in editing my film. am surrounded in green variegated kid merino. and am planning to hit up the San Francisco Craft Show . pics to come...

compulsive posting

now that i know how to post i might not be able to stop.

so i just packed for the weekend trip with my fam. i have two bags: one for my clothes and one for all the yarn i'm bringing with me. is that a problem? i just really really want to finish the blanket so feel compelled to bring ALL the remaining yarn with me in case i get on a roll. i'm also bringing the just-started baby bootie. and all my needles in case i find a yarn shop. and two pattern books.

i'm going to take pictures of the projects now and figure out how to post them. i can do it!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005


yes!! i did it!! after several failed attempts, i managed to successfully join the blog. go c-dawg.

no new knitting news to report, except that the blanket is taking me FOREVER. but i'm going up north w/ my parents for the weekend so am hoping to get in some good solid knitting time.

maybe by the time the blanket is done, i'll be proficient enough at this whole blogging thing to actually post a picture.

Friday, August 05, 2005

take me out to the ballgame.

so many of you have heard about Seattle's Stitch and Pitch. What a great idea...finally making the boredom of a baseball game productive. With Baby Alpaca.

I have another sock in the works...

you might not be able to tell from the picture. but this sock is HUGE. i mean, gigantic. i am hoping that some man i know will be able to scrunch it into a mean pair of hiking boots, but i don't know. this thing just keeps growing. so i keep starting all these socks, but the real question is: how do you make a heel? with this pattern - the heel is knitted out after you finish the sock. but i am looking for a pattern that knits the heel as you go...any suggestions out there?

also - you might have noticed that i am fooling around with the colors of our blog. i just couldn't take the "mean green" anymore. but since i haven't really worked with html since freshman year in college - it's all a bit fuzzy. it will come back me, but for now...we have this nice blue hue.

Thursday, August 04, 2005

my day with a harlot

after spending a whole day with the yarn harlot, i realized how lucky i was to get to meet some great women, see some great yarn shops, and of course, touch ALOT of great yarn. and of course, bloggers blogging bloggers...

i finally got to meet Rachel , another object of my blogging desires. and of course was driven around by the slickest of them all - candi jensen.

we almost had the harlot crocheting by the end of the day, i swear. of course, it was so much fun and i laughed and laughed and laughed. i thank stephanie for teaching me how to cable, giving some good sock advice (yes, i am trying my first pair - haven't hit the heel yet, ugh), and showing me that women can continue to prosper with creativity, energy, knitting needles and a great sense of humor. i thank candi for showing me all the wonderful possibilities of crochet, how great a color brown really is, and teaching me that no matter what comes you way in life - you can overcome anything and find happiness.
my first sock...such little needles...

we had a great time - and the bay area's knitters all came together at STASH - a wonderful shop in berkeley full of really great gals. i will be sure to go back and am thinking about hitting up the wednesday night knit-a-long. here are a few pics of the scene.

and of course, spending that much time around yarn, i couldn't resist when i saw some of this lovely kid merino...i am thinking big scarf/shawl with it. will let you know...

all in all a great day. i finally got on the train and started knitting with my new sock yarn...and missed my stop. and kept knitting. and then missed the next stop. ah well, the sock looks good. thanks for the fun day ladies!