Tuesday, July 26, 2005

phew. i'm back.

so i guess i have been sidetracked and haven't hit up wonder girl knits in a while. i have since learned many new things and have had some new ideas and am excited to share some new photos and welcome some new members!
First, SUPER MEMA. Mema is my grandmother, the original super woman of crafts who loves to make fun furry scarves like this:
(thanks to erin for modeling)

recently sent me out some crafty foot gear like these cool foot anklets:

and these wonderful furry fliflops - FURFLOPS - go super mema. i love them.

on my last post i had begun venturing into the dyeing yarn sector.
after repeatedly trying to dye cotton yarn from a sweater i had ripped up - i realized that maybe i should stick with dyeing some wool instead. so i returned to my trusty local thrift store and found this lovely men's sweater that no one wanted...rip rip rip.

to get lots of spaghetti yarn like this:

i brought out the koolaid packets, brought out the white vinegar, the lanolin wool wash and went to town.

the final bunches, some colors are real bright - but the grey heathery wool from the sweater yarn turned the koolaid colors into some deep rich tones that i am really excited about (those are the loose hanks in the back of the pic).

so what's left? why not spinnning. my new wooden drop spindle has been sitting around, lonely for the past couple of months. i decided to return to some roving that i had found at a farmer's market in santa rosa and spun my first skein...

you'll notice it is kinda loose, oh well. i think i am doing better on my second try...

so i haven't been blogging too much but am keeping up with the projects...
anyone else - i know you are out there...super bonnie and her baby sweaters, charis and her mittens....i just know it.


Blogger knittygirl said...

I had to stop by your blog, as I actually met your Mom at Adirondack Yarns in Lake Placid today! I've recently begun working there, and we are so excited that she has hooked us up with the yarn harlot in september!
I read a lot of knitting blogs, so it's kind of cool to have actually made a personal connection with one!

6:38 PM  

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