Friday, July 01, 2005

Living in Confusion.

Annie - what kind words. Well, we can't wait to have you and maybe even THE wonder baby come the the second annual World Knits Summit.
So while wondergirlart lives in awe this week - I continue to live in occasional moments of confusion. First I return to my stewing pots of dyed yarn and hang them out to try only to find...

My colors don't hold. Maybe i am missing something. But wait! The yarn that was dyed with wine is steadfast. wine holds, kooaid doesn't.
I consult the trusty god-sent 30 year old Foxfire series and realize my missing ingredient...VINEGAR. Of course, old wine is essentially vinegar, which explains the nice light purple color that holds. OK - let's start again. This time I added some vinegar to my colors and put them back out to stew. We will continue to wait...(yes, I do think that patience is my strongest virtue).

Now for the second point of confusion this week...felting a square. As a big thank you to our dear friend Wonder Candi and her husband Wonder Tom for hosting part of the first annual summit, I decided to explore crocheted felting...potholders. Easy enough, crochet a big square and felt. After one session in the square was not exactly staying square. It was morphing into a rectangle.

With lack of time...I am currently working on stretching out the felted rectangle into a square, letting it dry in preparation for it's second wash.
And so we wait (I told you about that patience)

And the third point of confusion....on a business trip to Los Angeles this week, I found myself ducking the camera shots, avoiding the come hither looks of a creepy Jimi Hendrix impersonator, and attempting not to run into anyone while becoming mesmerized by the Hollywood squares. And I look up and what do I find??? The biggest ball of yarn in the world, right here on Hollywood Boulevard?

No, silly MC. The Knitting Factory isn't the house of all your crafting dreams, it doesn't have the largest skein of Merino in the world, and they don't have a pack of wild alapcas that grow a special fur blend of silk, alpaca and merino on each animal. No, the Knitting Factory is a supposed famous music venue that oblivious me just didn't know about. name though.

Lastly, without confusion I present to you my first finished baby product...a cotton baby blanket to welcome Wonder Baby Ava into our world.

Let the weekend of our independence end this week of confusion.


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