Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Living in Awe

What a week it has been! We had a wonderful trip to Williamstown. Henry especially took to "Country Club Art" as Judge dubbed it. He jumped right into the pool and immediately took to Taconic - AND - in true Henry fashion - made a deep and lasting connection with everyone he met! Henry's Joy for life is awe inspiring.

It was great to reconnect with Bonnie and Pam while the boys were off playing golf. We walked - I was a wimp and only managed 5 1/2 miles, but Pam and Bonnie were hardcore and made 11 miles - and that was just the start of the day. Later we played in the pool and they prepared a gorgeous dinner that was wheeled down pool-side in the garden-way cart (I was no help, I lounged by the pool and even had Andrew put Henry to bed while I just lazed about). Later we were regaled with the hilarious comedy of errors that was the journey to the first World Knit Summit in San Francisco. I saw pictures and was jealous and vow to make it to the next summit - even if I have to ride on a plane with a freaked-out first time passenger, the baby from hell (fyi - not Henry who is a champ at travel, I'll have you know) and make an unplanned stop due to a medical emergency - only to have my luggage lost at the other end. I continue to live in awe of the boundless energy that both Bonnie and Pam have.

As usual there continue to be too few hours in the day. Although I think of blogging daily, I rarely have the opportunity. While in Williamstown, Bonnie mentioned the latest post by MC Crochet. I could scarcely imagine how beautiful and creative it truly is. Maggie has embraced the true spirit of crafting: collecting existing materials, altering them with what ever is at hand, and creating something new and beautiful. All the while, finding time to photo, and blog about it. AND - expanding the blog to include links, AND figuring out how to embed photos within a post - how do you do that anyway - I can only get them to appear as separate posts? So, do we have an answer to my original etiquette question about linking? I told Bonnie that I want to grow up to be Maggie Clark - those words are more true today than ever. Today, I live in awe of MC Crochet.


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