Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Up and running!

Yes! Hooray for wonder girl art and henry for making their first appearance and blog.
As to etiquette on blogs - I am just not sure. Perhaps we can make a list of wonderful links that we like for others to connect to.

I did get to see pics of Henry and the sheep. I miss Henry and I only met him once.
This weekend we had our first annual WORLD KNITS SUMMIT. It was a crazed weekend of senegalese food, yarn shops, vintage stores, thrift shops, yarn stores, mediterranean food, yarn stores, wine and many many hours of knitting on Candi's porch watching the hills of Sonoma while knitting AND crocheting our little hearts away. Hopefully we will get some pictures up - once we get Pam and Bonnie up and blogging.

We came up with SO many fun ideas and I look forward to where our little world of knitting will take us - nationwide chapters of world knitters?? non-profit leagues of women teaching eachother to knit?? sending equipment and materials to women in need to design, make and sell their own crafts to help sustain their family and community?? There are many directions and I think if we keep moving forward - we can create change.


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MC Crochet-your photos didn't come out

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